Nutritional Counseling for the Gluten Free Diet & General Health
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Melinda Dennis MS, RD, LDN
Gluten-Free Classes

Would you like to see one of the following group classes offered at your neighborhood health food store or supermarket?

Gluten Free 101
Great Gluten-Free Grains
Fiber in the Gluten-Free Diet
How to Lose Weight on the Gluten-Free Diet
In the Kitchen without Gluten
Traveling and Dining Out on the Gluten-Free Diet
Ask the Dietitian
I'm Gluten Free and I Still Don't Feel Well
Fructose Malabsorption/Low FODMAP Diet
Working with Celiac Disease and other Special Diets
Healthy Snacking on the Gluten-Free Diet
•        Nutrient Needs in Celiac Disease

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Classes are 1 – 1 ½ hours in length, fun, highly educational and always involve participation. Handouts and samples of gluten-free foods are provided, unless otherwise specified.

Print this page and share it with the store of your choice.

Email me with suggestions of stores you’d like me to contact. Please try to provide store name, location, phone number and contact person, if possible.

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Weight Loss on the Gluten Free Diet:
Are you finding unwanted weight gain a new concern as you adapt to the gluten free diet? Come learn how to eat safely and healthfully from a wide variety of foods on the gluten free diet. We'll briefly cover hidden gluten and key nutritional concerns, followed by a review of the diet with an emphasis on maintaining a healthy weight. Participants will receive a 10-page gluten free diet handout, hidden gluten guide, resources for websites, cookbooks and resources, and gluten free food samples. 

Traveling and Dining Out on the Gluten Free Diet
Use real menus and role-plays to mimic dining out experiences. Review the right questions to ask for a variety of ethnic cuisines (Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian) to learn how to dine out safely.

Great Gluten Free Grains:
An introduction to the wide variety of gluten free grains (amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff, sorghum, buckwheat, Montina Indian rice grass, etc), high in fiber, calcium, iron, B vitamins, protein and trace minerals. Learn how to choose, store, cook and bake with them.

Gluten Free 101
A systematic review of the gluten free diet in all food categories; includes a review of hidden gluten and cross contamination.

Ask the Dietitian:
A question and answer period that can cover any imagineable topic related to celiac disease and the gluten free diet: hidden gluten, oats, cross contamination, screening and diagnosis, lab testing, nutritional concerns (lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance), associated conditions, Dermatitis Herpetiformis, autoimmune disorders, quality of life issues, shopping, traveling and dining out, etc. Any and all questions welcome.

In the Kitchen without Gluten:
Avoiding hidden gluten is a big challenge in following the gluten-free diet. Come learn how to create a “safe” kitchen, even when sharing a place with people who eat gluten. We’ll learn how to prevent cross contamination at home and away, and how to read labels for hidden gluten with a critical eye. Bring along your questions, confusing labels and your own creative management techniques. 

Fiber in the Gluten Free Diet:
We’ll review the importance of incorporating a variety of gluten-free fiber sources into a diet that excludes the typical gluten-based fiber sources. Participants will sample low fat, high-fiber gluten-free foods and take home new ideas to add safe and wholesome fiber sources into their meals. This lecture assumes a basic understanding of the gluten-free diet.

Healthy Snacking on the Gluten Free Diet:
Do you find yourself hunting for snacks and coming up empty? Are you watching your weight? Come learn how to find and prepare healthy gluten-free snacks for all different kinds of taste buds. You’ll also learn how to read labels for calories, fat, carbohydrates and hidden gluten. Time permitting, we will walk through the store aisles, pointing out the numerous gluten-free snack options.

Nutrient Needs in Celiac Disease:
Beyond following the gluten-free diet, there are specific vitamin and mineral needs with celiac disease. We’ll review the requirements for calcium, vitamin D, the B vitamins and iron, and how to find them in healthy, gluten free foods.